Optimised disaster recovery solution – with additional value From its origins in Sweden in the 1980s where an entrepreneurial team worked in a garage, SWEP has evolved into a global manufacturer with sales offices in 20 countries and production facilities in five. The company’s major product is brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) for heating, ventilation, […]


Critical storage infrastructure meets modern capacity and speed demands, with 24/7 support Because the applications that Vitens runs on its systems are becoming more and more demanding, and its former storage system was approaching end of life in terms of performance, the company started looking for a new solution and a partner that could assist […]

The Swedish Pension Agency

Powerful storage platform and convenient self-service portal boost productivity In Sweden, 2.2 million people received national retirement pension in 2018. 7.5m current and future pensioners were issued with individual orange envelopes presenting their updated pension forecast. The Swedish Pensions Agency’s total payments for pensions and other benefits amounted to SEK 350 billion in 2018. Behind […]


Proact introduces user-friendly storage architecture to fuel growth The Belgian company has over 30 locations across the globe that all use the company’s private cloud infrastructure. This architecture is housed in Reynaers’ Duffel data centre. With staff spanning across various countries relying on a single, centralised, storage platform, and in the midst of the company’s […]


IT as a Service approach helps manufacturer break free from flexibility & resource shackles A modern infrastructure, delivered ‘as a service’, is enabling office furniture maker Kinnarps to engage its IT resources in a more strategic fashion. The company’s IT function now has more time to spend on business-critical tasks. ChallengeKinnarps provides and manages IT […]

Ostrava city

Ostrava City district relies on Proact to improve its data processing Like many organisations, the Ostrava-South City district recognised that it needed to re-evaluate its data processes when the European Union implemented the GDPR regulation. Processing personal data in a compliant way goes beyond human tasks, it also depends on IT storage systems and the […]


Object storage makes room for all customer documents as Fortnox continues to expand its private cloud platform Fortnox has been hugely successful with its cloud-based accounting platform and today has more than 300,000 clients. In-line with technology trends, Fortnox is actively exploring and using automation and digital workflows. Furthermore, in order to live up to […]


Proact helped retail giants meet their customers’ growing needs with high-performance storage, supported 24/7 Franmax provides support services to retail chain companies belonging to the Maxima Group in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland.One of the companies Franmax supports is the largest retailer in Lithuania. Together with other Maxima stores, they are visited by more […]

AFA Insurance

Proact introduces future-proof enterprise storage and backup platform AFA Insurance sought to update its IT infrastructure to achieve better enterprise application performance. The company opted to continue its partnership with Proact and implemented a modern, future-proof primary storage platform as well as a fast backup solution which helps developers do a better job. Challenge AFA […]