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Strategic consulting

We can give you strategic insight into options for the future that are technically viable, organisationally feasible and financially desirable.


We’ll examine your environment and explore improvements in performance, increased stability, added beneficial features, or a new solution altogether.


We’re independent so free to architect the multicloud/on-premises solution that best meets your business objectives.


Our tried-and-tested, step-by-step approach involves workshops, plans, testing & configuration, and helps ensure success.


Our no-nonsense business and service-centric, rather than a traditional technology-centric, approach reduces risk, simplifies planning and minimises  disruption.

Project management

We manage and coordinate to help deliver projects that meet objectives, requirements and expectations. Particularly useful for long, complex projects.


A range of 2-and 3-day courses designed to introduce your new system. Invaluable hardware overviews, how to configure & manage, and more.

Health checks

A comprehensive review of your existing infrastructure and its configuration, plus recommendations for improvement.


We’ll keep on top of device maintenance with continual reviews, updates and patches.

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