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Proact and its subsidiary Conoa – a Kubernetes, cloud native and container technology consulting firm has entered into a partnership with Isovalent to further expand its portfolio around visibility, control, performance, and security of customers’ container environments.

As the first Isovalent partner in Sweden, Conoa is authorised to resell and implement Isovalent Cilium Enterprise – an innovative technology that offers efficient and scalable network connectivity and security for Kubernetes-based container environments. Conoa can support customers across all Proact and Conoa regions, including the Nordics, Baltics, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

“Conoa and Isovalent have been collaborating for some time — hosting successful webinars and community events as well as attending large industry events together. Our efforts have also resulted in obtaining our first joint customers,” says Kenneth Albinsson, CTO and co-founder of Conoa. “The partnership is based on the vast technical benefits of connectivity, security, and observability that we know by experience our existing customers can achieve by implementing Cilium and eBPF*.” 

“Since acquiring Conoa in 2021, we have brought a number of exciting new partners and technologies into the Proact Group,” says Per Sedihn, CTO & VP, Portfolio and Technology at Proact. “Isovalent and Cilium are a perfect example of this and will enable us to even better help our customers solve their challenges in modern IT environments.”

“Choosing local partners wisely is crucial for the success of most enterprise open-source businesses,” says Thomas Graf, Co-Founder and CTO at Isovalent. “Conoa's engineers have an excellent reputation in the Kubernetes and cloud-native community and have successfully implemented container platforms in large organisations. On the business side, Conoa is well connected in industries such as telco, banking and manufacturing that can benefit greatly from adopting Cilium and eBPF.”

*extended Berkeley Packet Filter

For further information, please contact: 
Kenneth Albinsson, CTO, Conoa AB, tel. +46 707 75 11 39,
Per Sedihn, CTO and VP, Portfolio & Technology, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 8 41 06 66 52,
Danny Duggal,
VP Commercial & Communications, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 56 68 43,

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