<h4>Proact helps meet data’s growing needs, improving speed and performance</h4>

<p>ERGO is one of the leading insurance companies in Lithuania offering non-life, life and health insurance.</p>


<p>ERGO was planning a transition to digitalisation and paperless technologies, and was looking for a solution to ensure  document authenticity and long-term retention. Another challenge was the integration of document archive with business applications, allowing access to important documents.</p>


<p>Proact suggested the organisation implemented a highly-reliable object storage solution based on Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), which could not only solve current challenges but also become a platform for future business application development.</p>

<p>When Proact provided proof-of-concept, the customer’s developers were more than happy with the possibility to develop custom functions on the platform, which provides open APIs for developers. As everything is moving to the digital space, there is a high demand for easy access to documents, even on-the-go. Now with advanced metadata tools and customised search, people could even reach the documents through a mobile app.</p>

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“Proact has clarified our issue and suggested to us the most appropriate solution – Hitachi Content Platform, which we decided to integrate into our system.”


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