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A comprehensive solution with multi-factor authentication

Founded in 1507, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg today covers the entire district of Upper Franconia, large parts of Middle Franconia, as well as smaller areas in Lower Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. Of the 2 million people who live there, approximately 700,000 are members of the Roman Catholic Church. The archdiocese itself employees around 7,000 staff at 650 locations. The central IT department has to support in excess of 3,500 computer work stations.

The large number of computers and extensive branching of the network pose a considerable security challenge to the IT staff of the archdiocese. In light of the numerous external employees, of whom many are older, honorary employees, remote access to the central network in particular must be controlled and secured.


With a number of elderly users who weren’t experienced with computers, it was common for employees to request assistance for network access problems within their circle of relatives or friends. This resulted in password breaches and security being highly compromised. Given that weak or stolen passwords are a primary gateway for cyber criminals, the need for a secure authentication solution became clearly apparent to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg.


Proact was selected to conduct an extensive evaluation of multi-factor authentication credentials of Censornet’s MFA technology. Utilising the expertise of Proact’s security specialists, the subsequent installation was completed without a hitch. Now it’s possible to efficiently secure external access to data and applications, meeting user demands for a simple login process at the same time.

„Our goal was to combine the best possible security with an easy login process.“


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