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Object storage makes room for all customer documents as Fortnox continues to expand its private cloud platform

Fortnox has been hugely successful with its cloud-based accounting platform and today has more than 300,000 clients. In-line with technology trends, Fortnox is actively exploring and using automation and digital workflows. Furthermore, in order to live up to its slogan, “Small businesses’ best friend”, Fortnox has added services such as insurance and financing to its offering, in addition to its administration platform which is designed to assist small businesses, accounting firms, associations and schools.

For Fortnox and its cloud-based accounting and administration platform, object storage combined with containerised applications provides the foundation for growth and innovation. The company was growing out of its existing object storage systems and went looking for a future-proof solution, supported by a reliable partner.

Proact designed a new object storage solution based on NetApp StorageGrid. It is managed on-premises by Fortnox and is supported by Proact.

The installation was made using three nodes, the minimum StorageGrid configuration. This setup is duplicated at Fortnox’ two data centres to enable mirroring which provides fault tolerance and disaster recovery capabilities on par with the SAN. For backing up data to a third site, the existing object storage solution proved useful. Backup is enabled using StorageGrid’s Cloud Sync feature. Fortnox also utilises the versioning option, enabling recovery of older versions of files. This provides extra security in case of accidental deletion of data.

“That was really a pleasant surprise. Once we had it installed – with some help – the solution has been running without a glitch. We have made a few minor software upgrades and one large, which is an easy task with the administration interface – you just upload the file and click the update button.”


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