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Let’s talk… Keeping cybercriminals away from your backups (on-demand)

On-demand (English)

If the worst happens and your systems are disabled by a cyberattack, your backup is the critical component in recovering your data and avoiding extortionate ransomware pay-offs.

But many don’t know that their backup is susceptible to ransomware attacks too. In many cases, your backups can be encrypted along with your live systems, forcing your organisation into a terrible decision of paying the ransom, employing a specialist to attempt decryption, or losing your data.

There are now both technologies and best practices that ensure an ‘air-gap’ between your live systems and your backup. Join our backup experts to discover:

  • A real-world example of a ransomware attack that disabled both a live system and backups, and how the business dealt with the aftermath
  • What an air-gap is and why it’s important
  • Best practices and technologies available to ensure an air-gap and credential protection
  • How disaster recovery (DR) planning, testing and technologies have evolved to focus on cyber attacks
  • How the combination of backup, DR and security technologies can provide the strongest assurances to your business



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