Turku AMK

NVIDIA DGX Systems creates new opportunities in complex AI-based research at the Turku University of Applied Sciences Researchers at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland required an extremely efficient supercomputer for complex AI-based research. Proact’s team found that the NVIDIA DGX met the university’s needs and would enable them to work towards better […]

Proact acquires Conoa and strengthens its offering for next-generation infrastructure solutions

Proact acquires the Swedish IT company Conoa AB, a specialist in next-generation IT infrastructure that enables modern application development for its customers. The acquisition strengthens Proact’s portfolio, expertise and services in hybrid cloud and data center solutions in the Swedish and European markets. Acquisitions are an important part of Proact’s growth strategy with the ambition […]

Episode 1: Let’s Talk AI

Your host, Nikolaus Mantzios, talks to Proact CTO, Per Sedihn, and NetApp AI guru, Jack Watts, about all the bad things (chatbots) and all the good things (SuperPODs) that may be. What is AI? Does your organisation need it? And what do you need to get started? Watch the full episode at… YouTube: https://youtu.be/YWze2zg0VEISpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1sTuMKEsV90mNSdwPzgJXxiTunes: […]


Using Splunk for automated log management SkiStar’s vision is to create memorable mountain experiences as the leading operator of European alpine destinations. SkiStar manages the majority of its IT inhouse. Much of the company’s data centre infrastructure was supplied by, and is supported by Proact. A large portion of business operations runs on systems which […]

Essential industry insights for adopting AI

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB As new technologies move from hype to real-world implementation, experience and insights are incredibly valuable for decision-making. Artificial intelligence (AI) may still feel like a futuristic aspiration for many enterprises, but a growing catalogue of use cases is bringing it closer to mainstream enterprise adoption. The industry […]

Cloud infrastructure readiness for AI and CX transformation

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB Delivering a high quality customer experience (CX) in the modern digital economy is increasingly based on gaining a data advantage. Widespread use of internet-enabled devices has created a hyper-connected world where customers expect fast, seamless service delivery. Organisations are having to retune their delivery models to remain […]

AI: Beyond experimentation

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB As the hype cycle around artificial intelligence (AI) intensifies, many companies have had great success in using small test cases to understand the benefits they could enjoy from the technology. However, if AI is to reach its full enterprise potential, now is the time to move beyond […]

Practicing ‘responsible AI’ for programme sustainability

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB In May 2019, San Francisco, a city at the heart of the digital and technology revolution, made the unprecedented step of banning law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition. The decision, which blocks a service that the police and other agencies are using to apprehend criminals, comes […]

Emerging skills and roles in AI-powered businesses

Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact IT Group AB When the world wide web was made publicly available back in 1991, people were already questioning whether connecting computers all over the world into one giant network would eradicate many peoples’ jobs. Now, nearly three decades later, we know that this not only created many new careers […]