Flexible for the future

European IT decision makers are tackling a major challenge: how can they architect their IT in a way to maximise access to the range and depth of choice the cloud offers, while also having the flexibility to adapt to changing demands? To help our customers face this uncertainty, we surveyed 401 European IT decision-makers to […]

Flexibility and control in times of change

Shaping your multicloud operating model with Proact Finding it hard to assemble the pieces of your multicloud? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We can help you cut through the complexity of modern IT to run multicloud operations that fit together perfectly. Download our Multicloud brochure today to understand the journey to becoming data driven and […]

Understanding threat sources

This whitepaper from offers best practices for using SIEM to identify, track & respond to malicious actors in your network

Offensive vs Defensive security

Here we take a look at common security techniques such as penetration testing & vulnerability scanning to best protect your company’s assets