Proact signs framework agreement with the city of Gothenburg

Göteborgs Stad logo

Proact has signed a four-year agreement with Göteborgs Stad – the city of Gothenburg – for consultancy services in the Infrastructure and Communication sub-area. The framework agreement applies to Göteborgs Stad, surrounding municipalities, municipal companies and foundations in western Sweden. The new framework agreement can be used by ten municipalities and several municipal companies and […]

Proact retains top ranking in major customer satisfaction survey

Radar customer satisfaction survey 2022

With the most challenging phase of the Covid-19 pandemic now over, customer satisfaction in the Swedish IT market is rising, according to industry analysts Radar. In Radar’s newly released 2022 Supplier Quality survey, Proact retains its top ranking in two of the market segments where customer satisfaction was evaluated.

Ransomware seminarium med NetApp

SEMINAR (SWEDISH) Upptäck och skydda dig mot ransomware Välkommen på seminarium med efterföljande AW på taktterassen!   Ransomware-attacker kostar betydligt mer än de lösensummor som begärs av attackerare för att låsa upp krypterade data. Förutom kostnad av lösensummor finns risk för förlorad inkomst, driftstörningar och ”badwill” där ert varumärke påverkas negativt. Vi lever i en […]


IT as a Service helps furniture maker to better support the enterprise build a more flexible environment  Kinnarps is a family business where they pay special attention to IT, which is part of their legacy. They do a lot of in-house application development, including adapting the ERP system to our manufacturing Kinnarps’ recipe for success includes […]

Örebro University

Making AI available and useful for all science  To make AI available to scientists in every field, Örebro University added tools that make it easier to get started using its computational resource.  To meet the growing needs from AI workloads, the university procured a powerful, unified computing resource. The assignment to deliver this went to […]