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Proact acquires Conoa and strengthens its offering for next-generation infrastructure solutions

Proact acquires the Swedish IT company Conoa AB, a specialist in next-generation IT infrastructure that enables modern application development for its customers. The acquisition strengthens Proact’s portfolio, expertise and services in hybrid cloud and data center solutions in the Swedish and European markets. Acquisitions are an important part of Proact’s growth strategy with the ambition […]

Episode 1: Let’s Talk AI

Your host, Nikolaus Mantzios, talks to Proact CTO, Per Sedihn, and NetApp AI guru, Jack Watts, about all the bad things (chatbots) and all the good things (SuperPODs) that may be. What is AI? Does your organisation need it? And what do you need to get started? Watch the full episode at… YouTube: https://youtu.be/YWze2zg0VEISpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1sTuMKEsV90mNSdwPzgJXxiTunes: […]


Proact introduces user-friendly storage architecture to fuel growth The Belgian company has over 30 locations across the globe that all use the company’s private cloud infrastructure. This architecture is housed in Reynaers’ Duffel data centre. With staff spanning across various countries relying on a single, centralised, storage platform, and in the midst of the company’s […]

Flexible for the future

European IT decision makers are tackling a major challenge: how can they architect their IT in a way to maximise access to the range and depth of choice the cloud offers, while also having the flexibility to adapt to changing demands? To help our customers face this uncertainty, we surveyed 401 European IT decision-makers to […]

IT infrastructure made to meet modern business needs

Ali Yenidogan, Cloud Solutions Architect IT modernisation is a key focus for many organisations. Legacy infrastructure and deep-seated operating models become inflexible and are failing to provide the level of efficiency and automation required to get ahead in the digital economy. At the foundational layer of modernisation lies the transition towards cloud. Use of cloud-based […]

What is multicloud?

Matt Jeavons (Head of Transformation) Multicloud has become one of the buzzwords of modern IT, yet there’s a lack of agreement on what it actually means. When people talk about multicloud, they often define it in terms of removing lock-in with any single cloud vendor or solution, so that the organisation is free to embrace […]

Managing multicloud: Getting the fundamentals right

Christian Mohn, Senior Solutions Architect Multicloud is a new concept for many organisations, yet it describes a trend that’s been in place for many years. As demand increases across the organisation for access to a broader range of services, different business units are using a wide set of cloud-based applications to meet their needs. As […]

Accelerate your innovation strategy with multicloud

Samuli Kunttu, Presales Consultant Innovation is key to enterprise growth. Businesses that are continually able to add value to existing products and serve new customer needs stand to reap the benefits of protecting and enhancing their market position. The ability to innovate rarely comes by chance, however. It needs a solid strategic basis on which […]

Navigating legacy and multicloud

Matt Jeavons (Head of Transformation)  Organisations are re-evaluating the way they approach IT in order to address new needs and embrace opportunities. For many, the transition from managing IT on-premises towards blending private capabilities with the opportunities of public clouds has arrived in a fragmentary way. The barriers to adoption of cloud-based solutions such as […]